Invited is dedicated to creating memorable events in a virtual setting. With our interactive party supplies, favors and food, you can host an event that brings happiness to family and friends. Enjoy each other’s company even though you may be thousands of miles apart. From a small soiree to catch up with girlfriends to big birthday bash, Invited helps you wow your guests. Reconnect with friends, regain your sense of hope and refresh your spirit with a healthy dose of love, laughter and surprises.

As party professionals, we love to imagine, coordinate and pull off events that exceed your expectations and create lasting memories. We specialize in virtual events, those occasions where friends and family want to collectively celebrate, but for a variety of reasons, may not be able to do so. Whether in the same town or scattered across the United States, our Invited party packages bring everyone together for an amazing experience.

The idea for Invited emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic. We quickly realized that while this health crisis kept friends and family members physically distanced, it couldn’t break their emotional bonds and the desire to celebrate life’s milestones. From bigger events like graduations and birthdays to smaller get-togethers and movie nights, we want to mark these occasions and let happiness prevail.

For us, parties are about more than just dazzling decorations, delicious food and an awesome atmosphere. Celebrations are also about good conversations, loads of laughter and unanticipated moments of joy. With that in mind, we found ways to replicate that authenticity and sense of closeness that makes family events special. What we developed was a unique party planning concept that creates a shared experience utilizing a remote format.


Explore our curated food and beverage packages for your next event. Choose from a variety of party snacks and specialty themes. We also have easy-to-make cocktail kits. Let our bartenders and mixologists bring you the finest drinks.

Make your guest list. Ask for their mailing addresses and place a separate order for each address. We will process your order and prepare the kits in 1-3 business days. Then, we will ship them to your guests via priority shipping.

When your guests receive the perfectly packed packages, your fun festivity officially starts! Snack, mix, laugh and catch up with your loved ones. Tucked among the edible goodies in the kit are interactive party favors and supplies like photo booth props, glow sticks, and games to enjoy together.

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