Online games are a fantastic way to take our minds off the quarantine. Thanks to our cell phones and the internet, we can play online games to pass time while being social with one another. If you don’t have a gaming system at home, and you are looking for ways to host a game night with your family and friends, you are in the right place. We have compiled the best games to play without going to somebody else’s house.


Houseparty is a group video calling app that has built-in games, including Chips and Guac, Quick Draw, Heads Up!, and Trivia. The person who invites other people can initiate new arcade games on the video. Participants just need to roll over the dice. Our favorite is Chips and Guac. It is a witty word association game that makes for hours of non-stop laughs. During your turn, you deal a descriptor card and everyone else puts down a card that they think best matches that descriptor. You choose which match is funniest, and the person who put down that card wins that round.


Skribbl is where you can unleash your inner artistic Bob Ross. In each round, one player draws a given word and the other players will guess the drawing. The player with the most points at the end wins the game. So, you have 80 seconds to make a doodle from the three options you get before other people will try to recognize what you draw. You will have a fun time guessing what your friends are sketching. Watching terrific drawings done by others (or yourself) can also be a perfect time pass.


Codenames is a team-based word association game where you have to guess code words on a grid based on one singular “clue” word. Players are split into two teams. One player from each team is the Spymaster, who connects as many words assigned to their team's color on the five-by-five board made up of random vocabulary. Going turn by turn, the Spymaster will say one word that connects multiple words on the board. This challenges you to relate words that have nothing to do with each other. 


Cards Against Humanity is an adult card game for those who enjoy dark humor and taboo. An R-rated Apples to Apples, it is a hilarious game to complete fill-in-the-blank statements using words or phrases typically deemed as offensive, risqué, or politically incorrect. The online version allows everyone to remotely see the game, while individual hands are kept private. There are two sets of cards. The black cards have fill-in the box questions and the white cards have nouns that fill blank and answer questions from the black cards.


Exploding Kittens is a strategic kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette where you draw cards up until you draw an exploding kitten. When this happens, you explode and are out of the game - unless you have a card to defuse the kitten with tricks such as a laser pointer, catnip sandwich, or belly rub. Meanwhile, the other cards in the deck can be used to mitigate or avoid the exploding kittens. You can skip your turn, attack other players, peek at the deck, or relocate an exploding kitten card. The game gets more and more intense because fewer cards in the deck mean a greater chance of explosion.


A quick scroll through social media makes it seem like everybody is playing Animal Crossing as a way to pass the time during the quarantine. In this game, you take on the role of a lone human on an island filled with pudgy anthropomorphic animals. The game is played at a relaxed pace, where you can do as much or as little as you want on any given day. You can build anything you want, and friends can visit you and bring you gifts. The goal of the game is to fully upgrade your house and pay off your debt for each upgrade but how you get there is up to you. This game is unique because no two islands will look the same.

Even if you’re in lockdown, there are still many ways to connect with your family and friends. Hosting a virtual game night is an exciting way to fight the quarantine blues together. There is no shortage of fun games to choose from. When inviting your friends to your virtual game night, treat the invitation like you would a normal party. Let them know what time to join your event and start with a short introduction if some people haven’t met before. Do an ice breaker, share what you’ve been up to lately, and bring some snacks. We wish you all happy gaming!