A silver lining to the pandemic is the sense of community that we share with our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and even strangers. We have become more creative in finding ways to stay in touch with those we love. An emerging trend is the virtual cocktail party where friends, family, and colleagues sign into a video calling app to drink together in their own homes. Here are our best tips for hosting a successful virtual cocktail party.


Make a guest list and consider their schedules. If your guests are working during the day, an evening cocktail party on a weekday would work. Meanwhile, hosting a cocktail party on weekends should work for most people. It’s best to clearly communicate by asking your guests directly. Send a group text message to everyone, or call your guests individually. You want to choose a date that is 1-2 weeks in advance.


After you have chosen a date and time, you want to order the cocktail supplies. Our cocktail and mocktail kits have all the ingredients (minus the booze) your guests need to make a wonderful drink at their homes. Browse our website, and take note of the liquor you need for each cocktail. In addition to our crafted beverages, we also have food boxes for those who want something to eat. Check out our FAQ for more details. 


A successful party has special touches, such as a theme, a dress code, or music. For example, you may want to celebrate your birthday with a virtual cocktail party in your yard or host a dressed-up happy hour. A bit of fantasy is a great way to lift spirits. For party music, make one person a dedicated DJ since having multiple people playing music in their backgrounds can become distracting for conversations. 


On the event day, you and your guests may create the same cocktail or different ones at the same time. Our advice is to read through all the steps by yourself and share tips as you make your perfect drink. Sharing the experience is as important as, if not more than, making the drink itself. While you practice your bartending skills, ask your friends about their work, hobbies, family, and the latest news.


Virtual parties are a completely different dynamic compared to in-person parties. In-person, people tend to break off into smaller groups and have spontaneous conversations. In virtual parties, you want a little organization or the video call can become stale or chaotic. We suggest that as a host, you make a list of topics to guide the conversation or to break the ice.

Your virtual cocktail party is about connecting with people you care about. Even if you don’t manage to do the steps on this list, your party will be a success if you share a laugh or a note of encouragement. As a host, you will make your guest happy and relaxed when you are being happy and relaxed. Take a deep breath, carry on, and have an amazing cocktail on us. Cheers!